LinkedIn The Basics and Beyond

Grow your network, search jobs, find new clients

  • 600M Users
  • 70% consume content monthly
  • LinkedIn is still organic
  • Only 1% of users share weekly

Here’s What’s Covered!

Find New Connections

How to filter through the millions of professionals and find your ideal connections

Optimize Your Account

Build a profile that shows up in search and stands out

Write Winning Content

You’ll learn the mechanics of a winning post or article to expand your reach

The Hidden Features

Learn the treasure trove of hidden features that will help you reach your goals

How LinkedIn Works

You’ll learn how the platform ranks content and how it suggests connections

Prospecting and Job Search

You’ll learn how to find new clients, search for jobs, and use keywords and hash tags to get found

Connect With Your Instructor

Lisa Churakos

Digital Marketing Expert

LinkedIn All Star

A record year in quantifiable sales from LinkedIn activity!

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LinkedIn The Basics

6 Lessons

Optimizing your profile

Writing your summary

Featured content area

Using hashtags to customize your feed


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LinkedIn Beyond the Basics

10 jam packed lessons

A recap of the basics

Hidden features

How to prospect on LinkedIn

Writing winning content

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