Module 1
Create A Homepage

How to use the material in the course

  1. Watch the videos. You can watch in full screen mode.
  2. Download these documents. You may want to print them and write notes.
  3. Open a second tab in your browser, log into your WP site and practice what you learned. Switch between the practice and the video lesson.
  4. Write down questions you have for the Q/A.
  5. If at anytime you run into an issue, email

Lesson 5 – Design a Homepage

Your homepage is where 90% of your traffic will land. This is THE most important page on your website. Your job is to keep your visitor on your site with the Homepage giving them reason to click through to other pages OR enough value on the homepage so they will return at a later date to check out the rest of the site.  This is your first try at mapping out your business copy (the words you’ll use to communicate to your target audience), don’t worry, we’ll be walking through all of that in the next module. You’ll have 4 days to complete your home page!

  2. Log in to your WP dashboard
  3. Hover with your mouse on the word PAGES left side bar
  4. Click “Add New”
  5. Name your page “Home”
  6. Click on the purple button Use Divi Builder
  7. Choose Pick a Premade layout
  8. Choose a layout you like
  9. Choose the “Homepage” of that layout pack
  10. Change the text and images to what you want.  


Here is your lesson document

  1. Review the 12 Critical Elements of a homepage
  2. Create your homepage using ALL 12 of the elements
  3. Don’t worry about being accurate about your business descriptions, offers and benefits- we’ll vet all that out in the next module but I want you to take a stab at it.
  4. Remember
    1. Optimize those images you’re going to use or you can use the demo images in the layout pack
    2. SAVE YOUR WORK & Publish your page
    3. Go to Appearance in your side menu, click customize, then go to “Homepage Settings” and choose your NEW Homepage for your static page.
    4. As always LOG OUT of your WordPress site when you’re done!