Module 1

Hosting Overview: How to Host a Website 

There is no video for this lesson, read the document and do the assignment below. 🙂  Download the document here.

Two types of hosting-

Shared hosting- you are on a server with hundreds or thousands of other sites.  Everyone shares the same resources and can impact each other. This is great for traffic under 1k a month.
VPS hosting- you are somewhat on your own island with your own set of resources. This is optimal for e-commerce and lots of traffic.

  1. What should you pay
    1. $10-$20 a month
    2. I offer WP hosting for $168 a year. If you like what you’ve built on your practice site, when you’re done we can move your site to your domain and you can stay on Inmotion Hosting.
  2. What you should look for
    1. Superb support
    2. 99% up-time
    3. WP friendly
  3. Best Hosting Options
    1. Inmotion Hosting
    2. Site Ground
    3. Fly Wheel
    4. Blue Host



Research your hosting options. If you find your current provider isn’t sufficient, move before you get significant traffic.