D.I.Y. Digitize It Yourself

DIY Digital Marketing and Automation
The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Digital Mastery



No budget for an agency? No Problem!

I will teach you everything you need to know about digital marketing and automation that will help you grow your business and build capacity to scale!

Each module will walk students through a step by step demonstration of the most popular and simplest tools to accomplish the most critical tasks in digital marketing and automation 

This can be live group training and lessons will be recorded for reference

Each module is a 2  hr weekly training where students will do the work as it is instructed. 

The first 30 minutes is the explanation of concepts and strategies and the rest of the training is a demonstration. Students can work alongside the instructor or watch the demonstration and do it on their own after training. 

Weekly QA after lessons in a private FB group

Module 1

Your Digital Footprint

  • Let’s get your business online – building a footprint 

    How to set up and optimize a Google My Business account

    Social Media platforms, how to choose which ones to leverage 

    How to use your website to tie everything together 

    Understanding the customer journey online 

    Demonstration – Optimization of a Google My Business Account to show up in the Google 3 pack and profile optimization on any platform to show up in search. BONUS! Free Google My Business Training  as an added module 

Module 2

Social Media

  • How to effectively use social media to grow your business in 15 minutes a day

    Leveraging content and features to draw prospects to your “home base” You will learn the fundamentals and key strategies of all the major platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a brief overview of Twitter. You’ll learn effective social media marketing in 15 min a day!

  • Demonstration –  Facebook and LinkedIn  – I will show key strategies that help businesses find and interact with their prospects without falling down the rabbit hole of the “scroll” 

Module 3

Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing and List building strategies 

    Email marketing is still the #1 tool for sales and conversion. I’ll explain how to build your list, how to write engaging emails, and how to keep your audience engaged and opening. You’ll get an overview of the analytics regarding open rates and retargeting 

    Keeping your list engaged 

    Demonstrations — Mailchimp and MailerLite – I will show students how to set up a subscription with an automated welcome message 

Module 4

Digital Sales Funnels

  • A digital funnel is like having a virtual salesperson working on your behalf every time a prospect engages with your business. This is the most IMPORTANT part of your digital footprint

    Building your funnel 

    Identifying your customer’s online journey and when/how to show up during each stage of the decision and buying process 

    Nurturing relationships virtually

    Demonstration This module will show an example of a converting funnel and how to create a basic funnel from Lead magnet to email marketing, to closing a sale.

Module 5


  • Business processes to digitize and automate. Automation on the front end or the back end of your business will be key to giving you the capacity to take on more work and scale your business. There’s a lot of tools out there, I’ll show you the best and the cheapest. 

How to use Zapier

Google Forms automation 

Scheduling automation 

Payment automation 

— Demonstration – Setting up a mock registration or client onboarding form with automated responses and payment using both  JotForm and Google Forms. Using Zapier to connect to another tool or process. 

Module 6


  • This module will give the student an overview of how to sell products and services online. 

    Choosing a payment gateway and setting it up (Paypal, Stripe, Square)

    Choosing platforms to sell on or through — Squarespace, Wix, WordPress or FB

    Demonstration:  how to set up a paypal account and a button to sell anywhere or on any platform. 

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