let’s get clear about results

Marketing and sales accountability for the fed up, overworked, underperforming  business owner.



The Buck Stops Here

So does the chaos, overwhelm and overload. 

I help you get clear and focused on marketing and sales so you stop spinning your wheels and start generating results! 

Too much information, too many directions, too many to do lists, too many books, too many courses, not enough results.

 If knowledge made you rich, you’d be a billionaire by now. 

You need clarity on the WHAT, focus on the HOW and someone to hold your feet to the fire so you get the results you’re looking for. 


I will help you:

Get clear on your message, build out your brand, your unique value, and your vision

Identify the top 3 things that drive growth

Uncover activities that will exponentially increase your results

I ONLY work with you 3 months at a time so we both feel the urgency to get results

-We’ll set your goals.

-Chunk out the strategies and activities 

-Get 90 day wins through intense follow through & accountability



I’m not a coach. I’m more like a drill seargent

I don’t want to talk about your mindset or mommy issues, I want to talk about your actions. 

Lisa helped me lay down 100 other ideas, initiatives and commitments. I focused on two activities that generated tremendous results. She has a way of clearing the table and showing you how to feast.

Mark W.

Online Entrepreneur - Freelance Blogger

Nothing happens until you sell something

Of the 100 things that bog down the entrepreneurial mind is the “should do or need to do” 98% of this will incrementally improve your company — but 2% have the potential for exponential growth. Focus on those few. 


Stopping plugging the holes and change the boat. 

If you’re wasting time or spending too much time on something and producing little results – change the method, the approach or nix the idea entirely. 


Done is better than perfect. 

Entrepreneurs are high achievers and often perfectionists. This will kill your plans because you don’t have time to get things perfectly done. You need to get them done.  While this can make the detail orientated person cringe, too much analysis can cause paralysis.   

Bullshit Naratives

Everyone succumbs to their limiting beliefs about their potential and what’s possible.  Once you learn new beliefs and values – everything changes. 

I’ve made more money in the last 3 years working with Lisa than I’ve made in my 14 yrs in business.  I let go of the control, hired a team and focused on growing the business.

Michele B.

Squeaky Clean

Meet Lisa

No nonsene and direct communicator.

Business driver and growth expert.

Bullshit detector.

With over 25 years of launching and growing businesses, I have a formula for success that works. It’s called clarity, focus and prioritization.  It works everytime.

Why me?

  • Serial entrepreneur
  • SCORE Mentor
  • Business Instructor
  • 20 years of sales and marketing experience
  • Sales expert and start up mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs
  • 3 turnarounds with failing divisions
  • 14 years as a restaurant owner
  • Self taught web developer

The Investment & Committment

$600 / Per Quarter For Group
$1600 / Per Quarter For One On One

Results every 90 Days

Weekly Check In  30 min
Monthly Strategy/Planning Call 2 hours

Weekly Training Videos

Private FB Group 

Mindset Busting and Reframing
Goal Setting, Planning and Accountability
Clarity and Prioritization Coaching
Help With Messaging
Sales Coaching
Business Development Coaching

The work is tough but so neccasary. I made the right decision working with Lisa because for the last 5 years I really didn’t know what to focus on to grow my business.

Carlos P.

Interior Designer

Not everyone is a good fit for this type of coaching.  This is the type of program where you’ll need to leave your feelings, habits and routines in the closet.  The first step is filling out the form below.  I’ll reach out to schedule a call and then we BOTH get to decide if we will be a good match.  Since results is the main focus, we both need to be comfortable with each other’s work and communication styles.

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